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Each patient is individual, as is their specific treatment wishes, needs, requirements and timelines.

At Advanced Dentistry, we take the utmost care and attention tailoring bespoke treatment and maintenance plans for all of our patients.

An Advanced Consultation will take between 30-60 minutes and will allow full discussion of presenting issues, together with discussion of your wishes for the treatment outcome. From there, full examination will be undertaken to cover extra-oral and intra-oral examinations, soft and hard tissue examinations together with the use of special tests or investigations where required to facilitate both diagnosis and treatment planning.

A written treatment plan will be provided together with any additional information that will assist you in understanding all of the treatment options available, together with the alternatives, risks, timescales and likely fees.

Following this a subsequent appointment will be arranged to discuss any aspects of the treatment options or plan which require further explanation. In addition, this meeting will provide an opportunity to answer any questions which may arise from the plan. It is imperative that our patients have a clear understanding of all of the options available together with the risks and alternatives prior to embarking on any treatment – as such, these appointments are invaluable.

Please complete the information below and an initial consultation will be scheduled by our team at a time that suits your schedule. The initial consultations are either 30 or 60 minutes and the associated fees are £75 and £175 respectively.

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